Coach Matt Marek

Why do you love soccer?

Soccer takes physical and mental strength. It brings out the passion for competition in me.

What’s your favorite thing about coaching soccer?

Watching the players grow together and as individuals. Changing the lives of these players as their coach and as their mentor.

What would like your players to take away from their time with you?

Push yourself to be better both on the field and off.

Please share one of your favorite coaching memories.

Getting that email from the state of Arizona inviting us to the state league and showing that the hard work we put in the previous year paid off.

What do you like most about coaching for Calcio?

I love coaching for Calcio because of the family atmosphere. From the oldest to the youngest team, we all support one another and have a common goal of improving every day.

What coaching certifications/degrees to you have or are you working toward currently?

11V11 CERT

What do you like to do when you’re not coaching soccer?

I play soccer. As you can see, soccer is my life