Coach Gabriel Bautista

Why do you love soccer?

It’s what I grew up with as a little kid. It’s what got me through college and it’s my passion and till this day I still play.

What’s your favorite thing about coaching soccer?

Being able to teach these kids everything I have ever learned. Seeing the kids become great competitive smart players is my goal each and every practice.

What would like your players to take away from their time with you?

1. Team Fundamentals with working as a whole unit instead of just having one or two stars on the team that do all the work. Working together equally and striving to become better each day.

2. Learning to love the sport that I do, and wanting to become better because it’s something that they will love and have the passion for it.

Please share one of your favorite coaching memories.

Watching my current team grow each and every day. With each tournament becoming better and being in positions where they have been so close to championships and have won several dispite them having to play up a year.

What do you like most about coaching for Calcio?

It’s somewhere that it’s not only soccer. But a family where everyone helps each other to be one better.

What coaching certifications/degrees to you have or are you working toward currently?

Currently working on certifications, eventually will want to coach older kids to prepare them for college tryouts.

What do you like to do when you’re not coaching soccer?

When I’m not at Calcio coaching soccer I’m playing soccer in every aspect I can. Small 6vs6 or big fields 11vs11 or even reffing games. That along with baseball games or hiking camelback mountain.