Coach David Macario

Why do you love soccer?

The teamwork that is needed to play the game. The passion the emotion the culture and the equality soccer comes with.

What’s your favorite thing about coaching soccer?

My favorite thing is being able to get the players out of their comfort zone so they can grow and develop new skills.

What would like your players to take away from their time with you?

To always give it your all, be humble and respectful to their piers.

Please share one of your favorite coaching memories.

Coaching the 5-7 Calcio Recreational league. One of our players finally got his first goal. Enzo was honestly the smallest player on the pitch and both teams.

He dribbled past two defenders took a shot and it rolled past the keeper into the net. He just stood there in awe and couldn’t believe he scored.

What do you like most about coaching for Calcio?

I like coaching for Calcio because it’s not only a competitive league but it also has the family culture in it which I believe is very important not just for myself but for the players.

What coaching certifications/degrees to you have or are you working toward currently?


What do you like to do when you’re not coaching soccer?

Training with my son and thinking about the next practice.